2019 New Years Eve and I Made My Dog Sick

I celebrated New Years Eve like I have been celebrating most holidays lately, working alone and hanging out with my dog Boo. If you follow anything we do here at Hampton's Choice you know that we are the guinea pigs for you.

Myself with 25 years of battling Rheumatoid Arthritis and my over 10 years in cannabis, my partner who is a nurse and our dogs. My dog is Boo, and I write about Boo a lot, I film Boo a lot, I take pictures of Boo a lot for our company because we pride ourselves on if it doesn't work for us, we won't sell it to you.

So Boo and I spend all of our time together, he was rescued, has a history before we got him that made him super reactive/aggressive with other dogs. We have crazy adventures together, camping, hiking, biking, running, you name it. Anything in the outdoors Boo and I do it together.

So CBD has been a constant in our life as we both figure out his reactivity and overall wellness. Sublingual CBD for his reactivity and a mix of CBD and Calendula for his rashes, sores, cuts he gets while we are on our adventures.

So I have been trying to figure out a way to write about this and because of me being a jackass, this blog comes pretty natural today.

It should be obvious that this guy is my best friend, I would never, ever do or give him anything that might hurt him. Even more so than myself.

So how do you navigate the landscape of CBD when you feel this way about your dog,which brings me back to last night and me making him sick.

It's New Years Eve, Boo and I celebrating together and I figure. You know what, I'll get him a treat that he can chew on while I stare at the computer all night.

But, being busy, strapped for time, in my own head with all the stuff I have going on up there.

I didn't do my due diligence.

I was picking up some supplies at one of the big box stores and bought him a couple Ham bones wrapped in plastic. What the hell was I thinking!!!!!

Boo eats good, all natural, real grain free diet of the best I can get. Then to introduce something like that was just stupid.

The more I think about it, is the fact that all that shit these stores sell are for one thing, and one thing only it seems. Profit. So, of course, it's going to get him sick.

I don't know how CBD companies make their treats, I really don't. I personally believe all of those treats, etc are a waste of money because of how Dogs metabolize in their stomachs and sublingual dosing is the only way to go. Hell, look at that sublingual gland.

Plus, the fact that a lot of the companies I see coming into this space are in it for one thing and one thing only, profit.

Seems, to me, I wouldn't trust anything made in these, treat plants. Where all this other crap is being made.

Again, I don't really know how a lot of companies are making their treats, it is a 100% assumption.

I still think it's all a waste of money and if your dog's not used to something going into their bodies, through the stomach, there are going to be problems.

I guess what I'm getting out with this post.

Don't be like me and buy something on the fly, because you think it will make your dog, happy, better, healthier.

Please, Please, Please!

Do something I didn't.

Do your due diligence.

P.S. After spending New Years Eve taking Boo out on the hour, every hour. I didn't sleep and then when I finally did have to crash I woke up to a really nice mess to clean up.

I took Boo on a hour run, and fed him a Sweet Potato, Rice mixture with his CBD dose in the food.

He's tough, and I think he's feeling better!

Happy New Years!


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