Christmas 2019; You can Help a Vet in need right now.

A lot of you know I have been traveling the southwest meeting with hemp farms, setting up partnerships and meeting and spreading our message about CBD for the past few months. The past couple of weeks I have been holed up in Montrose, CO in a hotel getting ready to kick off 2020 with a bang.

It was here in Montrose I met John, listened to his story, helped as much as I can, and have formed a bond and hopefully a friendship for many years to come.

John is a vet of the army, I met John because he has stickers on his car from a veterans group I am familiar with and a “don’t tread on me army” sticker.

John, I have found, does things by the books and follows the rules. So, John would leave his room, start his car, turn the music up and medicate. As not to smoke in his room.

I approached John and said hello and said I owned a CBD company and if he would like a bottle to supplement how he was already medicating, legally, I might add.

John and I hit off from the instant, so we drank some coffee and I explained how our CBD works and asked his story.

Johns fighting, he’s fighting gosh damn hard, but a clerical mistake at the VA, a simple process of changing banks has left him without his VA benefits for 2 months. His transmission blew in his Subaru, he had an infection and the VA waiting list was too long, so he ended up in a civilian hospital for 5 days and now he is here playing the waiting game with the VA and stuck.

So you know, this was not all laid out in the conversation over coffee, John and I have spent some quality time together the past 6 days and his story has unfolded in front of me and to be honest I’m glad I have been around for him, and I’m glad he was here for me during an all work, no play, no family, holiday season.

This was Johns’s first Christmas without his wife he lost last year and could just really use some help, and I think we can help him get out of this rut and moving forward.

Johns not a taker, not a drinker, not a want something for nothing guy. He has been to every Vet resource center between here and Grand Junction and he’s gotten a pair of dog tags and some coffee. No help.

He said to me once, “Chris I’m no war hero, I served during peace time in Europe and here in the States guarding Nukes. But I just feel…” I replied, “you know what man, you did that for your country, you did that for us, we should take care of you.”. He said he never thought of it that way.

John and I both are not real keen on the just give us something for nothing, the gofundme’s, etc.

So, I came up with a plan that I think we can help and if you help you get something in return.

CBD and a THCVA tincture I made John is really helping him, he has the same story I hear from many Vets I work with, about not wanting to take all the pills the VA throws at him.

My point being, John’s going to be around Hampton’s Choice, he's going to help with some outreach, tell his story and we'll see where everything goes.

You’ll see and hear about the good we are doing, to help John and to help Vets in the future.

This is day to day stuff, so the help was needed a week ago, so please take a look at our offerings and help a Vet this holiday season.

Or buy any of our products and use the code VETHELP at checkout and we'll know your support ting this endeavor.

It will feel good, trust me, and you’ll get to know a good guy like I have.



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