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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

I am in the CBD business because of pain. But I still need adventure, I have to be outside.

How I have dealt with Micro-Dosing.

What is micro-dosing?

It's when you spread out the amount of medication you are taking through the day, instead of just one dose.

For me I normally use 1000 mg tincture, it works for me, I've tried the super high Mg's before and I really couldn't tell much of a difference so I just stick with the 1000.

So in the morning and night I'm taking 33mg's mg's. Also, combined with rubs, the shake I drink every morning, and maybe wrapping. I'm pushing 100 mg's/day.

Give or take that comes out to taking a 650mg 5 times a day, so I am dosing every 2 hours.

You've probably noticed, but we just don't talk about dosing CBD anywhere, we believe there is so much information out there, that it’s kind of beating a dead horse to spend a lot of time on that.

It’s not because we don’t care or don’t know. We definitely care and know and advise most Doctors we work with.

For Beginners:

Check out our Micro-Dose Guide (here in the blog and download on our home page) that delves deep into micro-dosing. and follow Dr. Sulak's instructions in this Rolling Stone article to find where you would like to be: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/why-microdosing-is-taking-over-medical-marijuana-114462/


The Outdoors, Activity, Athletics

You can watch some video's of me micro-dosing during hikes, working, anything and anytime I am going to be doing anything strenuous I micro-dose.

Bottom line, when I deal with inflammation and I am taking anything that helps throughout the day I have a smaller chance of the day ruining your joints with pain and inflammation.

I also like the energy boost of taking something throughout the day.

Pain and Pain Pills

I deal with some pretty heavy shit physically, so traditional medicine has been there for me, and we have the utmost respect.

Speaking personally, traditional medicine saved my life. I've had a lot of Rheumatologist's I can honestly say every single Rhumy throughout my life has helped me (this is conversation for another blog).

Point being we work with Doctors and a lot of pain management clinics, so most folks have the dosing figured before we talk. That's a great thing.

I do think micro-dosing smaller MG's get left out of a lot of online "experts' conversations because Google says higher MG's will help with pain more effectively. I also believe it is a great way to begin if you have never tried CBD before, or I need to switch up the routine and give the Endocannabinoid System a shake up.(this is probably all in my mind). lol

Micro-dosing is also, and I have gone through it, the way to dose if you are switching from pain pills or withdrawing from them.

Even with the TNF blockers that came out for RA, like I said earlier, Enbrel saved my life.

The only thing, I mean the only thing. I would shout it from the rooftops if I could, the only thing that made the thumping stop at times were pain pills. Oxycodone.

CBD does absolutely nothing for the withdraw, nothing. THC, for me, does nothing for the withdraw, nothing.

If you are on pain pills and are taking them as prescribed and are healthy. You just know you can’t take pain pills everyday for the rest of your life, and you take breaks.

When I took the breaks, I would try everything, I mean I have tried everything. I did a podcast interview for a show, and let it slip, on air, that I have drank my own Pee.

There are two things that work in the natural world for me and one is the full spectrum extract of the hemp plant.

So when I am micro-dosing, I’m sure it is all mental, but the process of stopping what I am doing, pulling the bottle out of my pocket, and taking it every 4 hours, like I would my pain pills. Gave a bit of relief when taking breaks from pain pills.

Here’s the deal.

I can't tell you it will work for you, and I only do it on the Bad days. You guys and gals with RA pain know what I'm talking about. Wake up and my knee is swollen, or my wrist feels like someone is beating it with a hammer, I can’t make it to pee without a crutch, I can’t zip up my zipper, or put on my socks without tiresome effort. For no fucking reason.

But traditionally when I’m having a flare up, or I’m hurting really bad, I wake up and know I can take away the pain with a pill and it’s such a mental relief. Then I’m taking a pain pill about every 4-6 hours.

So, I think my body is just used to the way I would dose when in pain, and I’m sure its just a mental thing, I really don’t even care it’s mental thing. I think knowing I had pain pills to run to is a mental thing as well. So micro-dosing with 650mg and getting medicine every 3-4 hours does the trick for me and is so much healthier and I will live a lot longer. I haven't refilled a pain pill prescription in 3 years and although I have "daily" flare-ups I have to work through sometimes I haven't had a week/month long flare up in a long, long time.

Give me a call, anytime, if you are dealing. Shit, I know it’s just good to talk to someone who gets it. I won’t steer you wrong, I will navigate even if it navigates away from Hampton's Choice, because I’m living it as well.

I hope that makes sense, and hope it helps you if you decide to try it. Because it's helped me, but like I said, it’s all mental😉

Here is a great article from the Rolling Stone on Micro Dosing from a Dr. if you want to get more in depth.


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