FunkPain: How I deal with my pain.

Bad mornings happen, yesterday I had a really bad one.

You have my back-story from previous blogs, but, being this is my first entry into my new daily, “How I deal” journal (I don’t care too much for the word Blog). I’ll give a quick introduction. In bullet-point style:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (diagnosed at 28, 21 years ago)

  • Played football through college (did not help my joints)

  • Verge of disability

  • Moved to Telluride Colorado (the elevation did wonder for me)

  • “Telluride Saved My Life” (another blog entry)

  • Moved to Mt. Shasta California to be closer to friends in the alternative agriculture/alternative therapy business)

  • Found what works for me

  • Started a company to share

Yesterday was a bad day for me if you live with a disease that affects the joints or you live with pain, you know, regardless of traditional or alternative methods, you are going to have bad days.

Yesterday was a bad day. I posted this video on Facebook and wanted to dig a little deeper on why I posted it. My Mom responded to the post and she said she couldn’t even watch it because it made her sad.

I get it, and I understand and people we’re probably thinking I was looking for sympathy or exploiting my disease to get “likes”, “views”, and whatnot.

I just wanted to show, that no matter what you do when you are dealing with pain like I have, you’re going to have bad days and it is how you cope with those bad days that matter.

Today I woke up and I feel like I can go out and run a gosh damn marathon. It’s crazy, I will never get it.

There are some things I did yesterday that I will go deeper into if you follow this journal that helped, here are a few:

  • I moved, I walked it off, I tried to stay active. It’s easy to medicate and veg (which is definitely needed sometimes)

  • I micro-dosed all-day

  • I was fortunate to have people that love me around that helped and made me laugh

  • I used a couple of different topical's throughout the day that really, really help (if you would have handed me a topical 5 years ago, even with (alternative ingredients in it, I would have laughed at you), what we and others have done with this compound is nothing short of amazing!

  • I really watched and added some heavy Omega’s to what I ate

  • I incorporated compression into the mix (I’ll have some video’s on this coming out in the next week that show what Hampton’s Choice is doing with compression that has made my life so much easier)

  • I inhaled (that’s right Clinton I inhaled), Hampton’s Choice is working with a farm in Colorado to provide the best, flower for inhalation and if you deal with pain and have a hard time calming everything down at the end of the day to get some rest, you will want to follow along closely in the coming weeks. No high, immediate relief. Crazy!! I could not believe it myself.

I also just want to show people that what we are doing at Hampton’s Choice is real. It ’s real as real can get. I have partnered with people dedicated to patient care in the healthcare field, and we do everything for this company. No professional marketers, no “funnel” builders, no million dollar websites, no miracles, no cures. Just experience in what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to this plant.

Sorry, I bummed you out Mom, but, like I said today is another day and I feel fantastic!

Thanks for reading, if you deal, have any questions about what we have to offer or just want to chat. It’s me here, not a room full of phones and that’s how it will always be.

Reach out.


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