I very rarely go negative on Social Media or ask for help.

I very rarely go negative on Social Media or ask for help.

But I need to now as we take a step forward and then get blown 2 steps back. Yet another institution fails to see the good we are doing with a legal plant and has closed another one of my accounts. I must be blacklisted as this is the 3rd this year. Paypal and now 2 banks have closed my account in the past 8 months

. It has been a recurring theme in my life this year, and bills that I need to pay (that were returned), people that have put trust in me feel I am failing them.

I want to stay Positive!!!!

So. Lets stay positive as Hamptons Choice is being featured in an article with 2 major players in the CBD industry.

"Companies like Hampton’s Choice CBD are reflective of the marketplace.

Billed as ‘Nurse, patient and dog-owned,’ the company and its co-founders Chris Hampton, Christian and Leslie Schanie, are laser-focused on advancing knowledge and education around Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

You can even follow Hampton’s dog and company spokesman, who devoured three bagels and a tub of cream cheese off Hampton’s desk during our interview.

“CBD doesn’t fix that,” deadpans Hampton.

"I learned a long time ago there is no miracle pill, rub salve, tincture, shot that is going to take away my RA, but there are things that I do that help me keep going," says Hampton, a master grower with 15 years cultivation and processing experience.

Hampton, his company, tagline, and dog Boo are all very relatable, according to Berg, who says Hampton’s focus on one area (RA) of the increasingly crowded CBD marketplace is smart.

Hampton, who was diagnosed with RA more than 25 years ago following a promising college football career at the University of Louisville, says “being able to research, develop and share products that have worked for me with the support, insight and knowledge of my two business partners who are registered nurses (RN) has been a blessing.”

We are hitting our stride, we are helping. Raising money for JCPS students lunch program, Veterans (with your support we kept a Veteran in a hotel for over a week who would have been sleeping in the Walmart Parking lot waiting on a clerical error to get fixed by the VA), and animal groups.

Again, I never go negative or ask for help.

But if you know someone, have been wanting to try, or can help by going to our website and purchasing some product or sharing our Facebook posts.

It would really mean a lot to me and would really help a company that is doing so much good we are being recognized.

So, thanks for the support everyone,.

Trust me, I know a purchase of a CBD product is not something to be taken lightly. It’s not an impulse buy, and if it hadn't helped me so much the past decade, I would be the first in line to be skeptical.

We have some great new bundles on the website, really, really great deals, bundled up to perfection. Watch some videos on our Youtube channel coming out in the coming weeks, download out guides on the website, follow us on Instagram.

Anything helps at this point.

Start small, you can get the roll-on on our website for $25.00. It's a steal!!!

ANd as always, reach out to me directly with any questions, I won't steer you wrong.

champton@hamptonschoice.com, 1-855-499-4400

-Chris Hampton

If you have been thinking about or know someone who has. Today would be a great day to order.

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